Sell your wine

Clos des Millésimes buy regularly wines from private wine cellars. We offer an inventory and we estimate the final price with discretion of the wines that are offered to us. 

After estimating yout bottles we offer:

1 - Repurchasing your wines:
Clos des Millésimes buy your private cellar content respecting the final price agreed by both parts. The paiementis done by cheque and provide you a sales certificate.
An expert from our team will personally check your bottles. All the transportation fees are covered by us.

2 - Consignment Contract:
We can also promote your wine. In this respect, a consignment contract is offered in which the name and price of all of your wines will be displayed.
You will be in charge for the transportation and the paiment is done after the sales. 

For further information, please complete the form bellow.

Selling your wines.

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