Privilege Club

In order to thank our most loyal customers, we have created a PRIVILEGE offer which allows you to order rare and highly sought-after bottles at exceptional prices. Domains like Gangloff, Anglore, Chave, Clos Rougeard or the wines of Emmanuel Reynaud, Arnaud Ente or Richard Leroy etc... are all rare wines. Very small yearly allocations that we have decided to sell at the right price: that of the Domaine. This is also the case for spirits with the rarest rums from the Velier house, exceptional Bourbons or bottling in very small quantities of whiskies.

How does it work?

1. With each order (except for products on limited sales) on you accumulate points. On average, each bottle corresponds to 10 points. Offers or promotions may at times earn you 20 or 50 points per bottle purchased.

2. When a certain point threshold is reached, you get a status which is defined by the number of bottles purchased.

  • AMATEUR is the first level with 150 points. An equivalent of 15 bottles purchased on our online sales site.

  • ESTHÈTE is the second level with 500 points. Or 50 bottles purchased.

  • PASSIONATE is the ultimate level. 1500 points or 150 bottles in order to have access to our entire catalog and our rarest allocations.

3. When you log into the website, you can then order these products. Attention: do not forget to identify yourself correctly in order to benefit from it!

Finally, if you have given your consent, we will send you a PRIVILEGE email every month presenting the rare products dedicated to you! At Clos des Millésimes, loyalty is rewarded!
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